What is Powdered Urine? Does it Really Work?

If you have an upcoming drug test before employment and know that there is no way to detoxify your body in time for the test, then using powdered urine is an excellent alternative. Powdered urine, unlike synthetic urine, is real, real urine. Basically it is dried urine in powder form. And best of all, there are powdered urine kits that you can buy to help you pass your drug test.

Synthetic urine versus powdered urine

Synthetic urine is produced by combining a series of different chemicals to mimic real urine. Synthetic urine not only has to mimic all the physical characteristics of real urine, such as having an authentic color and smell but, more importantly, you must also be able to pass a strict drug test.
Some companies are producing high-quality synthetic urine, and even add uric acid to mimic the acid found in real urine. However, some urine drug analysis laboratories have measures to help them identify if a urine sample is synthetic or real. This is naturally a great risk of taking with something as important as a urine drug test. The urine sample you provide will not only be identified as synthetic but will also show that you actively tried to cheat on your drug test.
In addition to that risk, there is also the problem that some states have banned synthetic urine, and an increasing number of other states are preparing legislation to ban synthetic urine in their own states. It is for these reasons that people turn to powdered urine. As already said, unlike synthetic urine, powdered urine is the real deal. You do not have the same legality problems associated with synthetic urine or the fear that the sample you provide will be identified as synthetic.

Use of a urine powder sample during a monitored urine drug test

When considering the use of a powdered urine sample for an upcoming drug test, it is vitally important to determine whether the test will be monitored or not. If the test is to be monitored, then it should be very discreet when you remove the urine sample from where it was hidden, and again when you transfer it to the sample cup without being seen.

Where can I buy a urine powder kit?

TEST CLEAR has a urine powder kit that is very reasonably priced at $ 43.95. The urine powder kit comprises:
• A vial containing powdered urine.
• A plastic vial for medical transport of 50 ml with a blue cap.
• A temperature strip that is attached to the vial
• Two air-activated heaters.

Powder urine kit instructions: (for informational purposes only)

1. First, pour the powdered urine contained in the vial into the tube.
2. Then, slowly fill the tube with water to the top before tightening the blue cap tightly. Shake until all the powder is completely dissolved.
3. The next step is to open the heater package, peel off the paper from a heater and paste it on the back of the tube, directly opposite the temperature strip.
4. Before conducting your experiment, check the temperature of the urine sample (it should be between 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tips to get the best results from your urine powder kit

• Before performing a urine test simulation, you MUST verify that the urine sample is between 90 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. A sample outside this temperature range could result in an invalid experiment.
• It is recommended that you start your experiment with water at room temperature instead of using hot or warm water. The heater provided in the TEST CLEAR urine powder kit raises the water temperature to the optimum range of 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit alone. It is also recommended that you use only one heater to increase the water temperature unless you are under the pressure of time to do so.
• If you do not see a temperature reading on the temperature strip, this does not mean that it is broken, it simply means that the temperature is too high or low. The temperature strip is the highest quality component of the urine powder kit; It is highly accurate and completely reusable. If the urine is too cold, use the heater to raise the temperature to the optimum range. If it is too hot, remove the cap of the urine powder sample, as well as the heater, and gently blow to lower the temperature.
• It is helpful to have some experience to reduce the temperature of the urine powder sample in preparation for your test. Practice lowering the temperature by first pouring hot water into the tube and then gently blowing it until it returns to the optimum range, which will be visible on the rainbow indicator on the temperature strip.
• It is very important that the heater is not too close to the temperature strip or the strip will measure the heater and not the water, and therefore you will get a completely inaccurate reading. You can use a rubber band or adhesive tape for a perfect fit between the heater and the tube.
• To keep the temperature in the optimum range of 90-99 degrees, do not remove the heater from the tube. Only remove the heater if the urine is too hot, that is, 100 degrees or more.
• One disadvantage is that the heaters are single-use, so be sure that your test will definitely continue before using them. Additional heaters cost more but are useful in circumstances where a test is delayed and needs to raise the temperature back to the optimum range.
• If your urine test requires more than 50 ml, you can take a small vial of water to dilute the sample to a minimum level of 75 ml that will not cause any adverse effects. Consider the temperature range when diluting the sample.
• You can use a digital thermometer as an additional measure to check the temperature range of the urine powder sample.

Does urine powder really work?

The good news after reading several reviews from verified buyers of the Urine Powder Kit is that it does work. As long as you follow the instructions provided with the kit, as well as the advice described above, you should not have trouble passing the exam.

Final thoughts on powdered urine

While prolonged abstinence is undoubtedly the best way to pass any urine drug test, tests that must be performed on short notice sometimes require an alternative approach. While the pre-test period of time may provide you with options, such as completing a detoxification program when you have more time, when time is against you, using powdered urine is an excellent option.
Of course, the use of powdered urine is not without challenges, particularly when the urine drug test will be monitored. Extreme discretion must be exercised to carefully remove the hidden urine sample before transferring it to the sample cup. While it can be a stressful experience, in certain limited cases, for example, when detoxification is not an option due to time constraints, the use of powdered urine may be the best option to pass your test.

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