suicide without pain

How to commit suicide without pain

Life can become too tight when one feels pain or depression. It can get to the main point and of not being able to stand it anymore. If you are feeling pain like this and exhausted by extreme pain then suffering the excruciating condition, and you are not looking for ways to end it. We then understand you.


Are there are any way to commit suicide easily?

Keep your patient and understand it. The main fundamental problem with most suicide methods is that they fail and lose most of the time. It is essential to keep in your mind that a failed suicide attempt is terrible, complicated, and painful.

Thousands of people sufferers have experienced the pain and lastly sensation of wanting to sleep and never waking up.

Below we show you something that has been proven to be effective

Pulling yourself out of a tall building 

It is probably the most natural ways to everyone since no one will suspect until your body discover. In your whole life if you are lucky to see once the professional jumpers and they always wear their harness, and because as they go down, and they can tear their inner jaw, and lose a limb, or twist it. However, as it reaches the ground with, and then everything will be over.

Cut veins

This is a more usual and ordinary method in movies or films: one of the most common that use to watch is the television show “13 Reasons”. You need to cut your wrists with a razor, knife or other sharp object and go. Again, if you do not know how the anatomy of your body works, it is easy to miss a crucial detail. Everyone knows that losing a vein means laying to death. So, it is not much simple as it sounds since you can not cut your seams anywhere. You have to be sure all the time that you have found the right vein and not to lose them ever during the process. Remember also that you will not die immediately, you will only remain unconscious for an extended period after cutting your veins.

Throw yourself across a bridge

This method is as comfortable as jumping over a bridge. People will not know until they find their body. All you have to do is find a place where nobody is looking at you. When jumping, make sure there are no obstacles to stop it. There have been cases of people who tried to jump over a bridge, they ran into a metal roof and stayed there hung for a long time, without water or food and even with part of his body broken. In the case of being near people, someone could realize and get a rescue. Also, avoid areas with swimmers. They enjoy saving the people, and that can ruin their plans to die, rescuing him.

Take pills

This involves taking more doses of pills. Some of the most common medications are sleeping pills. Things are like that many of them are too toxic in excessive doses of medicines. The impressive fun fact is that, even if sleeping pills are toxic, they may not be lethal or enough to kill you. If someone finds you in that bad state after an overdose, it could save your life. And we have witnessed that it could be a very unsafe method to do that. However, if you want to use it, then take the pills with alcohol and drugs. It makes them more lethal and Hangs up

This is the most popular method of committing suicide. The process is very much secure because one does not need to get additional resources and something more than that, such as finding solitary bridges, and buying chemical products, etc., one can do it from the comfort of your luxury home where you stay with fewer more resources. The things that are needed is a rope, a chair/stool, and a hook on the rooftop. However, you must consider some things.

Make sure that the roof is much high enough to support your weight, or you could end up breaking your leg.

We know that you are brilliant enough to realize that you exaggerate a lot.

To hang yourself, prepare yourself for a great experience that is to fight with yourself.


However, the problem is getting Nembutal. This substance not permitted in most the countries, which hinders its reception. We have made the process more straightforward.

In conclusion, the above painless way to commit suicide and how to prepare or do it. If you have to use any, then be sure not to survive. And buy Nembutal barbiturate in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, the United States, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, Bolivia, and 31 other countries.

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