Pho Wax

Pho Wax: The Definitive Guide

What’s special about this cannabis extract?

Within the world of weeds, there seem to be infinite types of marijuana, both in strain variations and in methods to enjoy it.
All the different names seem to have no relation to each other and seem to intend to confuse inexperienced users who are desperate to try to understand what is happening in their new hobby.
One of those names that seem to perplex all those who hope to enter the world of marijuana concentrates is Pho Wax, which sounds more like a Vietnamese noodle dish than anything related to the herb. This particular type of cannabis concentrate seems both intensely confusing and highly dangerous.
So what exactly is Pho Wax and how are you supposed to use it?

What are marijuana concentrates on?

In order to properly understand what Pho Wax is, you must first understand the basics of marijuana concentrates.
Marijuana concentrates are, as the name implies, intensely concentrated forms of marijuana that have been created by extracting all the important and desirable cannabinoids from cannabis and suspending it in a convenient and combustible oil.
This is in stark contrast to normal marijuana that you would smoke in a joint or a bong since instead of being a small green seed of marijuana buds filled with plant matter and other burnable substances, marijuana concentrates are nothing more than THC, CBD and fuel oil.
The purpose of a pot concentrate is to smoke it using a water pipe, allowing the concentrate to become steam when subjected to high temperatures instantly.
The interesting quality of marijuana concentrates is that, because they are so pure, they have a lot of different permutations depending on how you process them and how you treat them in storage; Instead of being packed with other ingredients that stabilize them, marijuana concentrates are so pure that you can change the physical texture, appearance and actual chemical state of the product just by shaking them.
If you have ever baked a cake or tried to mix dough for pancakes, only to discover that it has somehow become a slightly jelly-like disaster, you will understand the terribly unique properties of a substance that can change texture based on movement; Just like pancake dough, if you mix a pot concentrate too much, you can end up coagulating or reaffirming when you don’t want to.
All this has to do with the substances used in the manufacture of the marijuana concentrate, since butane is the normal medium used when creating marijuana concentrate, it tends to coagulate when agitated very easily; This is how you end up with Buddhist marijuana or even marijuana wax, instead of the most typical and generally desired marijuana break.
However, although butane is the standard medium with which marijuana concentrate is created, there are other means, and one of them is the reason why Pho Wax exists.

What is Pho Wax?

Pho Wax has a name that sounds surprisingly confusing, but in reality, it is an incredibly simple variation of standard marijuana concentrates.
Pho Wax is essentially a regular marijuana concentrate, but it is made with propane instead of butane. This subtle distinction makes it a completely different product than regular marijuana concentrate made with butane.
The key distinction between Pho Wax and regular marijuana concentrate (in addition to its obvious difference in chemical compounds) is the fact that Pho Wax is noticeably more sticky and sticky. This is especially evident if you try to mix it excessively as you create it, which ultimately results in Pho Budder, a coagulated substance, almost like butter, which is actually quite spreadable rather than waxy.
The key difference between Pho Wax and regular butane-based marijuana concentrates is that propane-based extractions are made using higher pressures and higher temperatures.
When you are making your cannabis concentrate, there are some important steps that involve intense pressurization, the most important of which is known as ‘Purge’. When you purge your cannabis concentrate, it evaporates the oil and, along with it, all the unwanted contaminants that could have been collected during the THC extraction process.
Propane extracts can be made using more pressure, which means that more terpenes can be chased instead of wasted during the purge step. This tends to create a more tasty and intense smoking experience since it is capable of clinging to those so important terpenes that provide so many of the effects of its herb.
Because of its ability to work under higher pressure, it needs less extreme temperatures to achieve the same effect as with butane, which means that the resulting texture tends to be much closer to the bud rather than the breakage standard.
This means that if you are given a pot concentrate that has a consistency similar to that of the budder and was not an accident during production, you probably have some Pho Wax in your hands.
You can expect your Pho Wax to have between 70% and 90% THC content, depending on the individual product, so you are able to offer an absolutely massive stop with very little effort.
But how do you use your Pho Wax? What steps must you follow to be able to assimilate

How is Pho wax used?

By far, the easiest way to use Pho Wax is to smoke it with a water pipe. A water pipe is a tool used to absorb touches like Pho Wax, since it is basically the same as a bong, only with some different parts.
Instead of a small bowl to contain marijuana buds, a water pipe features a nail, which is heated to extremely high temperatures with a blowtorch.
The proper method to heat the nail is to heat it until the nail glows red hot, plus a few more seconds. Then, wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the nail cools slightly.
You do this because the correct temperature you are looking for is approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit below the temperature of the nail when it glows red hot.
Once you are at the right temperature, take your Pho Wax, ideally using a metal stick, usually called a spoon, and gently touch the nail, all while breathing through the mouth tube.
This instantly vaporizes the Pho wax, while simultaneously introducing the smoke into the water pipe chamber. Once fully vaporized, you can put the lid on and breathe it, similar to how you would use carbohydrates in a bong.
This is by far the easiest method of absorbing touches, but you can also vape them; Simply get a vape pen that is capable of accepting touches, either when it is sold as prefabricated cartridges or that come with a special slide that allows you to enter your dab yourself.
Finally, you can also make food products with their touches, especially when they have a texture that can be spread and can be easily adjusted, as with Budder.
You can simply spread it on toast if you want complete simplicity, but many people add it to their food. For example, you can make special marijuana brownies where you replace about an eighth of the oil in the recipe with Pho Wax.
There are also some people who put a little Pho Wax or other touches on their regular marijuana joints, especially at the tip, hoping to create a massively higher dose at the beginning of the smoking experience, but this can often lead to exceptionally unpleasant coughing attacks, especially if you are not used to it.
Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, Pho Wax is a surprisingly versatile, often delicious, way to absorb a large amount of THC very, very quickly.

Final thoughts on Pho Wax

Pho Wax is just one more example of a method of drinking weed that is apparently called to confuse you; Names like OG Kush and Water Bong clearly show that they have something to do with marijuana or at least give clues about how they should be used.
With Pho Wax, all you could imagine is a delicious dish of Vietnamese noodles. However, the only similarity with real Pho that Pho Wax has is that it will make you want any comfort food you may have once you’ve drunk it.
As long as you see your Pho Wax as just another way to enjoy the touches of marijuana, they won’t seem so scary and confusing.
Whether you enjoy it with a water pipe or put it in a vaporizer pen, Pho Wax is an incredible way to quickly absorb massively potent THC, all while including the fantastic amount of terpenes that accompany it.

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